International Business Internship Program

Experts, Guest Speakers, Mentors and Career Assistance

Program Overview

The International Business Internship Program offers a unique, real-world experience. Student teams work in collaboration with Leadership Initiatives , a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that helps leaders in developing communities obtain local funding to open new businesses and provides management and skills training as well as continued support to ensure that the businesses are self-sustaining.

Students work directly with Leadership Initiatives staff in the US and developing communities around the world. Students are connected with growing businesses and learn about different obstacles have encountered. Student teams will partner with a specific business to research and formulate ideas to solve real problems facing that business today.

LI staff and translators create these connections via Skype to foster genuine relationships and give students the ability to see and hear beneficiaries as they discuss solutions. This gives students the opportunity to ask business owners specific questions and to build upon those questions in real-time. In addition, students and business owners learn more about each others’ personalities and enjoy collaborating as a team.

Students will also be given the opportunity to work with experts, including leaders in development, diplomacy, business, counter-insurgency, politics, technology and more. They will learn about the mentor and his or her career, experiences and thoughts about leadership. 

Work Directly With Development Experts

Students will work with LI-U.S. development experts over the course of the program. Leadership Initiatives will connect students with experts in six business development categories. Students will choose from the following categories:

Explore Career Opportunities

Leadership Initiatives hosts mentor partnerships twice a year for students. Students will have the opportunity to speak with leaders in multiple fields of study to help inspire students to learn more about what direction they would like to take in their lives.

Currently, Leadership Initiatives has lined up experts from: Capital Hill, State Department, Secret Service, U.S. Military, NASA, World Bank, Peace Corps, PNC Bank, Leadership Institute, Georgetown University, Dartmouth, Nigerian Embassy, FBI, Exxon, National Institute of Health, GlobalGiving and many more.

Students are encouraged to speak and create relationships with mentors whose careers and/or fields of expertise best match their own interests. For example, students who have an interest in national security may elect to meet with officials from the U.S. Pentagon or students interested in Microbiology may choose to meet with officials from the National Institute of Health.

Work With Top Experts From Around The Globe

You and your peers will work with Leadership Initiatives’ Executive Board, Advisory Board, mentoring team members and supporters in-person and work together to create solutions for your Nigerian business partner’s business challenges and for you to receive career advice. You may hear from expert mentors such as:

  • Chip Kunde, Vice President of Government Relations for Sysco
  • Wike Kaiser, Senior Vice President at Citigroup
  • Britt Lake, Chief Program Officer (acting) at GlobalGiving
  • Catherine Robinson, International Government Affairs at Pfizer
  • Bill Stefan, DoD Deputy for Enterprise Management
  • Penny Daniels, Strategist, Executive Communications Coach, Messaging, Speechwriting, Presentations for 3D Communications
  • Ahmed S. Mohammed, Director of Talent Acquisition, Dartmouth College – Hanover, NH
  • Steve Pressman, American Institute for Economic Research
  • Brian N Wenny, SR. Scientist at NASA
  • Nicolas Benore, Portfolio Manager, Senior Vice President at PNC Bank

  • Elizabeth Ghandakly, Senior Corporate Counsel at Oracle
  • Rick Kuehn, Commander at 452 Airlift Control Flight, USAFR
  • Katherine Kinzer, Director of Network Management at the International Youth Foundation
  • Lynsie Hall, President & CEO, OmniLearn, LLC
  • Sarah C. Stiles, Teaching Professor, Department of Sociology, Georgetown University
  • Antoine Eloi, Manager, Janssen, Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
  • Simon Limage, Former-Deputy Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Programs at State Department
  • Whitney E. Derber, Kahn Zack Ehrlich Lithwick LLP
  • Carmine C. Carullo, Planning & Performance Analysis Manager, ExxonMobil Medicine & Occupational Health (Retired)
  • Bryan Bernys, Leadership Institute Vice President of Campus Programs