International Business Internship Program


College Preparation and SAT/ACT Training

College Essay Review Service

As part of the college application process, you will be required to write a personal essay about yourself and your ambitions. For some students, this can be the most difficult part of the application process.

All student in the program are able to submit up to five college application essays and three scholarship applications for review by our partners at Scholly and University Initiatives.

Scholly is a resource designed to provide scholarship opportunities for all students. They offer a platform for students to find scholarships in order to attend their dream colleges and reach their greatest potential.

University Initiatives employs college writing professors and admissions experts to help students craft the best essay possible for their college applications. This offer is exclusive, and not available with any other institution or program!

This review includes the following:

Your application will be edited to ensure you make an excellent impression at every stage of the competitive application process. Our editors will improve the style, clarity, sentence structure and coherence of your application so that your achievements are noticed. To ensure language errors do not keep you from achieving your ambitions, every section of your university application will be carefully proofread to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and more.

Our editors will help you tailor your application to suit your chosen program. We are equipped with experience in editing applications from diverse branches of Science and Technology, Commerce, Management, and the Humanities and Social Sciences. Your application will be edited with an understanding of the expectations of different academic faculties.

Two Letters of Recommendation For College & Internships

Many colleges and universities require letters of recommendation from applicants. The LI staff offers each of its program participants two letters of recommendation. Our team will work with each student over the course of 12-24 months, getting to know both the professional and personal ambitions of every student.

This personal connection allows college admission officials to see a non-academic side of the student and the benefits of extracurricular activities within the balanced life of the student. Written specifically for each individual, the recommendation is guaranteed to highlight the qualities of each student, while separating his or her application from the rest.

The letters of recommendation are written by LI staff, mentors and the business leaders with whom the student’s partner. The relationships between the students and these individuals are developed over time, allowing each to grow and learn about the other. This guarantees that each letter of recommendation highlights who the student is as an individual as well as what he/she has achieved by being a part of the International Business Alliance Program. Each letter showcases the problems the student worked on to solve and the lives transformed as a result.

In addition, each IBAP team of students will create a website showcasing their collaborative efforts with their business partner. Additionally, each team will have a video highlighting the experience as a whole and the lives they have helped to change forever.

Personalized College Acceptance Probabilities

When applying to colleges, most students make a list of their dream schools. A few people go a step further and look up the requirements for actually getting into these schools. Even then, the likelihood of being accepted into that number one remains a mystery.

We decided to take the guess work out of it. Our partners at Parchment have come up with a system personalized to each student as they get ready to begin their college journey.

Parchment takes the applicant’s desired schools along with test scores, GPA, and other pertinent information and compares it to the gold standard for being accepted into a chosen school. It shows percentages of who is admitted and provides comparable schools that have similar standards along with other school choices that may be more likely to grant admittance.

Scholarship Application Assistance

Scholly is an easy way for high school seniors, current undergraduates and graduate students to find scholarships. Designed to ease the scholarship search process, Scholly’s adaptive matching engine delivers targeted lists of scholarships.

Scholly fixes the outdated process that requires students to fill out long, tiresome forms and then fail to deliver relevant results. Currently, Scholly users have been awarded more than $50 million in scholarships.

Lifetime Scholly access includes:

  • Access to your account from the web or app
  • Online tracking for deadline and application status
  • Winning essay examples & advice
  • Thousands of college scholarships searched and verified for you to apply for based on who you are as an individual

Exclusive College Admissions Training

Learning about college and actually experiencing college are two very different things. In July 2017, we will be hosting our summer program at Georgetown University. This is your chance to visit the campus of one of the top universities in the nation while learning about college life from a variety of speakers.

While learning about college is great, we thought it might be helpful to actually go through the process of how to GET ACCEPTED!

Most students don’t know what to include in their personal essays and how many extracurricular activities are needed in order to diversify their college applications. In order to help our students get into their dream schools, we have assembled a panel of admissions experts from Ivy league institutions to develop a curriculum aimed at helping you get noticed when you apply to college.

These experts will discuss the basics of filling out your application, content for inclusion and exclusion, and what items colleges love to see when looking at applications. College is hard enough–let us make getting into it a little easier.

Exclusive SAT/ACT Training From TestRocker

Program Overview

Featured in Forbes, The WallStreet Journal and The Huffington Post, TestRocker is the premier online SAT/ACT training resources for high school students across the United States.

TestRocker utilizes personalized learning that incorporates technology and high quality content to enable students to drastically increase their ability to take college standardized tests.

TestRocker combines one of the best private tutors with the best technology has to offer; leading to efficient learning. TestRocker students have increased their SAT and ACT scores by an average of 280 points and 4 points, respectively.

Today, students from 36+ countries around the world are using TestRocker to prepare for their standardized tests.

All International Leadership and Business Summit Students will receive 1 year of FREE online SAT/ACT training from TestRocker valued at over $1200.

Customized lessons, full length tests, & 24/7 customer service

TestRocker takes their content delivery seriously. When you enroll, you take a diagnostic test to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Based on that preliminary information, TestRocker immediately constructs a customized study plan.

This test preparation program also includes:

  • More than 36 timed practice quizzes organized by topic with video explanations
  • Personalized study plans that track progress over the test preparation periods
  • Access to seasoned tutors
  • Progress tracking on study plans to ensure students continue to improve test scores even when they have areas of trouble

+280 SAT & +4 ACT Average Point Increase

On Average TestRocker students have increased their SAT scores by an average of 280 points and their ACT scores 4 points.

TestRocker achieves this by understanding their students. They acknowledge each student has many personal and extra-curricular commitments, which makes it tough to schedule traditional test prep classes.

TestRocker is safe and accessible on any internet-enabled device so that students can spend more time learning and less time commuting to and from classes. This allows students and TestRocker to collaborate more often and identify more content areas of focus.

These simple steps, along with their learning vs. standardized practice methodology, build a focused and personalized program creating significant gains for students who participate fully in the program.

Bi-Weekly Email Reports To Parents To Communicate Progress

When you join the International Leadership and Business Summit, you will be assigned an Advisor who will check in with you on a regular basis over the course of six months to help set goals and review progress.

TestRocker will email your parents a bi-weekly report so that they can keep track of your progress and have detailed information so they can communicate and partner with you as you prepare for the test.

TestRocker and Leadership Initiatives take accountability to support students throughout their test-prep journey.

In addition to sending regular encouraging emails, TestRocker sends a “friendly reminder” email to encourage you to log back on and continue the test prep plan if there has been no activity in 2 weeks.

2000+ Questions with Video Explanations

TestRocker has 2000+ questions with video explanations, 24/7 staff support and an average 24 hour response time to test-related questions. This will help transform any students’ test score and allow students to push themselves to become the ideal candidate for their goal colleges and universities.

Click Here To See Student Testimonials About TestRocker And How It Has Impacted Them.

Evan, a TestRocker student, said that “the amount of personal connection in the TestRocker program is great. I feel as if TestRocker is sitting there next to me as I go through the program. If I have a specific question, I can just send an email to them, which they reply to within a day.”

Mary, a TestRocker parent, said that “I have been very impressed with the program for its thoroughness as well as the fact that it makes the prep work fun. My son has become so motivated to succeed that he worked all Christmas break on the program, without any prodding from me.”