International Leadership and Business Summit

Business Partners

Construction and Additional Repair Services

Students within this program will be partnered with businesses in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State, Nigeria where the terrorist group Boko Haram originated. Boko Haram continues to perpetuate violence and displacement of citizens in the area. Leadership Initiatives helps regions overcome the instability and destruction brought about by surrounding terrorism that may otherwise seem insurmountable. LI trains small business owners within these areas to become strong knowledgeable businessmen and women.

Students can partner with local security companies entrusted with protecting local citizenry and businesses, secondary education schools designed to create an educated workforce and electrical repair shops that are essential to improving living and economic conditions for the community.

Our young leaders build relationships with these business owners to learn not just about their business, but their culture and lives, fostering positive cross-cultural relations between the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Construction and Additional Repair Services Students Will Help Their Business Partners Accomplish The Following Goals:
Carpentry Expand business and develop more creative designs that will set them apart from the competition-Learn More Here
Cobbling Create affordable footwear to protect community members from infections-Learn More Here
Plaster of Paris Create affordable and high-quality products for the surrounding communities-Learn More Here
Plumbing Improve customer service and create an advertising campaign that will help the business expand-Learn More Here
Power Generator Repair Provide community members with affordable welding options for more secure homes-Learn More Here
Tailoring Create jobs, teach new skills and create cheap and efficient services-Learn More Here
Tiling Improve the quality and quantity of tiles offered-Learn More Here
Welding Provide community members with affordable welding options for more secure homes-Learn More Here

Empowering Women (Business Expansion and Community Development)

Women’s rights and empowerment will continue to be an important discourse in developing communities.  Access to education and involvement in economic development give women the opportunity to gain further independence and contribute to the economy outside of the household.

Leadership Initiatives partners with women that own a small business, or wish to start one, through providing them with the information and expertise needed to run a successful organization. By investing in these capable women, LI seeks to further empower them, close gender gaps and provide access to opportunities that help these dedicated business owners create thriving businesses that are able to help their communities and beyond.

Empowering Women (Business Expansion and Community Development) Students Will Help Their Business Partners Accomplish The Following Goals:
Catering Create new pastry dishes, online ordering applications and delivery service-Learn More Here
Fragrance Learn various methods of combining and creating new fragrances-Learn More Here
Soap/Detergent Develop new fragrances as well as expand employment and customer base-Learn More Here
Salon Teach new hairstyles, nail designs, hair treatment techniques and financial management plans-Learn More Here
Textile Open up the job market for young women who wish to control their own destiny and lives-Learn More Here
Wedding Make Up Teach new makeup methods, designs, and cosmetics, design a new advertising plan, wedding photo sharing system and Facebook page with an ordering system-Learn More Here

Fighting Hunger with Food Services and Agriculture

Food availability in Nigeria is largely based on the area, climate, and access to farmable land. While the southern regions of Nigeria fare better than their northern counterparts, all areas struggle to maintain access to readily available and diverse food supplies.

Businesses that fall into the food category spend the majority of their time not only trying to better their families, but also the families of fellow community members.

Within this arena, there are businesses that work on the following: the production and sale of pastries, the use of irrigation techniques to help grow fruits and vegetables to be sold at local markets, the raising and selling fish, the ownership and maintenance of a restaurant, and the production and distribution of yogurt.

Nearly all food production addresses systemic vitamin deficiencies and issues related to nutrition.

Fighting Hunger with Food Services and Agriculture Students Will Help Their Business Partners Accomplish The Following Goals:
Fish Farming Find new ways to breed fish, transport fish to market, increase fish size, improve feeding methods, and better water purity-Learn More Here
Gardening Expand garden designs and create advertisements to attract a larger customer base-Learn More Here
Irrigation Farming Improve soil fertility, new stem grafting methods for fruit trees and better water management practices-Learn More Here
Local Restaurants Learn more foreign recipes to add to menus, create new advertising plans and food delivery methods-Learn More Here
Yogurt Making Mastering the art of perfecting the perfect yogurt recipe-Learn More Here

Orphan Care (Independence and Skills Training)

The Orphan Care Independence and Skills Training Program was originally developed in response to requests from LI Business Owners. Once their own businesses were off their ground, business owners wanted to give back to their communities by helping children who had been orphaned, giving them hope for a better life. Generally, these youth are children that business partners already know or have taken a special interest in. 

In order to ensure that all of the orphans taken in were cared for and working towards the mastery of a skill, LI initiated the Orphan Independence and Skills Training Program to establish a set of best practices for its participants.

Leadership Initiatives has established an evolving skills curriculum for the youth through which they must progress during the course of their apprenticeships. Furthermore, the staff has set apprentice wages that allow for the orphans to earn an income while learning a skill. In this area, students will be creating new educational methods and care-taking standards for the Independence and Skills Training Program.

Orphan Care (Independence and Skills Training) Students Will Help Their Business Partners Accomplish The Following Goals:
Leadership Initiatives Orphan Independence and Skills Program Creating new ways to teach English to young orphans-Learn More Here
Leadership Initiatives Orphan Independence and Skills Program Explain and teach basic math skills to young orphans-Learn More Here
 Leadership Initiatives Orphan Independence and Skills Program Creating a basic teaching manual for the guardians of orphans within the program-Learn More Here

Technology and Innovation in Business Development

For Leadership Initiatives, technology and innovation are essential in order to establish strong connections with those we communicate with. LI provides opportunities for our students to learn and engage in technological innovation while providing small business owners with inventive ideas to harness their talents, increase capacity building and further improve their businesses in an increasingly digital economy.

Technology and Innovation in Business Development Students Will Help Their Business Partners Accomplish The Following Goals:
AC Repair Learn new and effective methods of refilling AC gas, and create new customer service and delivery methods-Learn More Here
Computer Repair Learn how to recover lost hard drive data, replace Apple and laptop hard drives, and find better ways to repair/replace broken screens, keys and chargers-Learn More Here
Electric Repair Shop Improve community infrastructure by introducing and maintaining power in homes, schools and businesses-Learn More Here
Generator Repair Create a website with service reminders and payment system, a how-to manual for fixing block heaters, and new methods for repairing oil, fuel and coolant leaks-Learn More Here
Mobile Phone Repair Teach new cell phone repair methods, new financial management and phone repair system, and how to restore corrupted operating systems for Android phones -Learn More Here
Photoshop Help community members commemorate important moments in their lives-Learn More Here
TV Repair Increase the advertising presence of the business by creating a new logo-Learn More Here

Transportation Services

Transportation infrastructure, especially in rural areas that primarily depend on agriculture, is often in poor shape with inadequate investment allocated for road construction and repair. While national efforts are underway to research options for safer road transportation, the current conditions result in regular damage to vehicles, and transportation repair is often needed. Leadership Initiatives beneficiaries own transportation businesses specializing in automotive body repair, automotive mechanical repair, automotive electrical repair, and motorcycle repair. Due to high demand, the expansion of these businesses is necessary.

In addition, beneficiaries are interested in expanding other high-demand businesses, which include welding, an indispensable trade, and tailoring, since clothing will always be a necessity. As communities grow and demand increases for everyday and ceremonial clothing, our beneficiaries’ tailoring and textile businesses are ripe for expansion.

Automobile Services Students Will Help Their Business Partners Accomplish The Following Goals:
Auto Body Shop Find the most effective ways of repairing car dents and learn how to best manage business finances-Learn More Here
Auto Repair Provide the young men of the community with skills that will keep them off the streets and help them provide for themselves and their families-Learn More Here
Automotive Electrical Repair Give customers high quality and efficient electrical repairs for their cars and provide vocational training for young men-Learn More Here
Motorcycle Repair Acquire the best equipment available to give customers the best possible service-Learn More Here