Program Benefits

#1 Real World Internship Experience:

The single greatest thing any student can have when applying for college is experiences that set them apart from their peers. Students who participate in the International Business Internship Program (IBIP) help create a new business or expand a growing business in a developing country, and help solve local problems by working directly with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Not only does this demonstrate each student’s immense dedication to the welfare of communities worldwide, but it also highlights crucial skills like organization, team collaboration, creativity, effective communication, and many more essential skills. IBIP participants have been accepted into Harvard, Stanford, Georgetown, George Washington, University of Chicago, Northwestern, and other top colleges in the US, due in part to the unmatched experience gained through the program.

#2 Mentorship Program:

Leadership Initiatives partners IBIP students with a US-based mentor of their choice from the Leadership Initiatives community of supporters.

Potential mentorship partners include executives at some of the Country’s most successful businesses, top legal experts in Washington, D.C., Harvard Staff and Faculty, former State Department officials, Georgetown University Professors, NASA scientists, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, and more.

Over the course of 18 months, these mentors work with students to help navigate the way to their future colleges and careers. Students receive the perspective, wisdom, and life advice from these highly successful mentors to aid in their transition to college and their career beyond.  


#3 College Probability Modeling:

LI staff will help all International Business Internship Program Members narrow the college list and help to find a perfect match. Because LI staff members have attended a broad range of higher education institutions, their advice and beneficial knowledge will allow students to further understand and develop ideas for their futures.

By employing unparalleled industry algorithms, LI Staff with calculate the probability of acceptance into the student’s top university choices and issue a full report to determine the best fit for each student’s abilities and need.

#4 Free SAT and ACT Online Preparation Courses:

Students obtain free access to one of the leading online standardized test preparatory programs featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, and The Huffington Post. TestRocker utilizes personalized learning that incorporates technology and high-quality content to not only enable students to drastically increase their scores on the SAT and/or ACT but also gain learning, thinking and performance skills that will generate lifelong success.

Students who complete the recommended coursework through TestRocker will experience, on average, an increase of 280 points on the SAT or 4 points on the ACT. As many past IBIP students can attest to, the score increase experienced after using TestRocker greatly increased their chances of getting into their top colleges. When students enroll in TestRocker, they take a diagnostic test to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Based on that preliminary information, TestRocker immediately constructs a customized study plan. This test preparation program also includes:

    • More than 36 timed practice quizzes organized by topic with video explanations
    • Personalized study plans that track progress over the test preparation periods
    • Access to seasoned tutors
    • Progress tracking on study plans to ensure students continue to improve test scores even when they have areas of trouble
    • 2000+ questions with video explanations
    • 24/7 staff support and an average 24 hour response time to test-related questions.

Today, students from 36+ countries around the world are using TestRocker to prepare for their standardized tests. All IBIP Students will receive 1 year of FREE online SAT/ACT training from TestRocker valued at over $1200.

#5 Two letters of Recommendation

Students receive two personal, in-depth letters of recommendation written by LI mentors and the business leaders the students partner with for their college, internship, or job applications. Relationships between students and these individuals are developed over the course of their time as an IBIP participant, allowing the author to know both the professional and personal ambitions of every student. This guarantees that each letter of recommendation highlights whom the student is as an individual and what they have achieved by being a part of the International Business Internship Program.

Leadership Initiatives will also send a letter of recommendation to one college of the students choice from Nigeria through the mail. Written by the student’s business partner in the Nigerian language of Hausa with an English translated copy, this letter displays the gratitude and care each business partner has for the life-changing efforts from each student. Harvard Admissions has said the letter from one IBIP student’s business partner was one of the most touching and memorable recommendations they have ever received.

In addition, Leadership Initiatives will create a website for each IBIP team showcasing their collaborative efforts with their business partner. Additionally, each team will have a video highlighting the experience as a whole and the lives they have helped to change forever. The website and video link are included in the letter, allowing colleges to independently explore the phenomenal work done by each and every student.

#6 Five College Essays Reviewed

As part of the college application process, you will be required to write a personal essay about yourself and your ambitions. For some students, this can be the most difficult part of the application process. All IBIP participants are able to submit up to five college application essays for review by our partners University Initiatives. University Initiatives employs college writing professors and admissions experts to help students craft the best essay possible for their college applications. This offer is exclusive, and not available with any other institution or program!

Each student essay will be edited to ensure it makes an excellent impression at every stage of the competitive application process. The editors will improve the style, clarity, sentence structure and coherence of your application so that your achievements are noticed. To ensure language errors do not keep students from achieving their ambitions, every section of your university application will be carefully proofread to eliminate any mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling and more. Editors bring their experience in many different backgrounds, including Science and Technology, Commerce, Management, and the Humanities.


#7 Scholarship Assistance Program

Hundreds of thousands of scholarships exist for upcoming college students and can be a deciding factor in a student’s ability to attend college. However, many of these scholarships have unspecified stipulations and may only reward scholarship to students in a certain demographic (i.e. location, a relative who works at the respective company, etc.) Leadership Initiatives has compiled a database of past scholarship recipients to identify these factors and ease the burden of scholarship application for IBIP students.

LI provides unmatched one-on-one scholarship assistance to each IBIP student through personalized searches, individual Skype calls with a scholarship expert and probabilities for receiving scholarships of the student’s choice. Current and past IBIP students have received tens of thousands of dollars, including full academic scholarships to their top college choice, through the employment of the Scholarship Assistance Program.

#8 College Student Mentorship Program

Current college students know first hand the best and worst qualities of their respective university, as well as the time-consuming and often stressful application process. Leadership Initiatives pairs IBIP students with current college students from the school of their choice to get the most personal and authentic image of their dream school.

Students will have one-on-one calls with their college mentor to answer any questions, discuss the qualities of the college, and receive advice on the application process. LI has past students and current interns at the nations top colleges, as well as access to students at nearly every US college. These calls act as an exceptional resource during the college-decision period of every student’s life.

IBIP students also have the opportunity to network with past IBIP participants, who attend the nation’s foremost universities, received internships at the UN, with US Congresspeople, and many of the leading businesses nationwide, and know the qualities that helped them throughout their own personal journey.

#9 Community Service Hours

With students volunteering their time each week to the betterment of communities worldwide, the IBIP program acts as a source of community service hours for groups like The National Honors Society. Changing the lives of people and their communities represents the purest form of community service: dedication of one’s life to others in need. Students will accrue an average of 1-2 hours per week of community service.

#10 Eligibility for Future Internships

Leadership Initiatives offers dozens of internship opportunities to past IBIP students that open the door to salaried positions at LI, as well as many other businesses and nonprofits. Many of the above benefits carry over to LI internships, where interns work with current  IBIP students, LI Board and Staff Members, and students at the Leadership Initiatives Summer Youth Development Programs at Georgetown University. Paid and unpaid internships and part-time positions are available to past IBIP students.