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Mia Manzo

Class of 2022
Mia Manzo

Class of 2022

My name is Mia Manzo and I attend the Glen Ridge High School, as a freshman. The clubs I participate in are the girls club of glen ridge, cupcakes for cancer, varsity field hockey and swimming, girls learn international, French club, sharing the arts, I was apart of the student council and will be running next year, and I play club field hockey for New Heights. I also participate in an internship program in the summer. It is at the University of Texas medical and science center.

I am thrilled to be working on this amazing project and cannot wait to better the lives of many different people. I don’t just value sports, I also value education. I take almost all honor classes and I am most interested in science. I hope to go into genetics when I’m older.

I am the Nigerian partnership chair for our team and I truly love it. I am so happy I was asked to do this and am looking forward to making a big impact in someone's life.

Holly Vincent

Class of 2022
Holly Vincent

Class of 2022

My name is Holly Vincent and I attend Glen Ridge High School. I am a freshman there and am very active in my community.

I regularly attend various club meetings, including those for Girls Learn International and the Girls Club of Glen Ridge. In addition to clubs, I participate in sports. I am a member of the

varsity field hockey team and I also play basketball. I am also taking all honors classes this year.

Within this program, my role is as the College Assistance Chair. I am very excited to be a part of this project and to be changing lives for the better. I look forward to learning more about culture, problem-solving, and myself through this project.

Our Business Partner: Shifa Royal Hospital

Business Owner: Zubairu Abubakar Madaki


Business Location: Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria


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Our Challenges

Lack of Hygiene Awareness

Business Partner Challenges





Business Partner Challenges





Business Partner Challenges




Our Solutions

Solution 1

Challenge Addressed: Lack of Hygiene Awareness

Among the staff and patients of the Shifa Royal Hospital, there is a lack of awareness of how to care for their own hygiene. Without proper cleanliness, there is a greater risk of spreading diseases throughout the hospital. To increase hygiene awareness, we will work to spread the knowledge of proper hygiene practices to the staff and patients at the hospital.

The staff will be informed about proper ways to clean patient rooms and promote cleanliness through a seminar taught by someone knowledgeable in sanitation.

Informative flyers on hand washing and disease prevention will be hung around the hospital to advise patients and staff about ways to stay clean and healthy.

Solution 2

Challenge Addressed: Inconsistent Application of Cleaning Procedures

To help the custodial staff to become more effective at cleaning, we have developed a more organized cleaning plan. The cleaning plan will guarantee the rooms are completely disinfected and the patients are in the best care possible.

Through a charting system, patients can be categorized as either red, yellow, or green based on their level of contagiousness. There are different cleaning procedures based on which color the patient is labeled. This will prevent other patients from being exposed to infections.

To ensure that the custodial staff is following a proper cleaning plan, they will follow a 7-step procedure in each room that we have developed. The procedure will help the staff to clean more effectively and disinfect a room before a new patient.

Checklists will be added in each room to allow staff to verify the frequency and completeness of each cleaning. The checklists will guarantee that a room is as clean as possible and no area was skipped over.

We are still focused on Solution #1.

Solution 3

Challenge Addressed: Spread of Disease

We are working to prevent the spread of disease, which will help improve patient hygiene. With a lot of people going in and out of the hospitable, it is crucial that proper disinfecting approaches are put in place to certify disinfection.

We have created a formula for a low-cost hand sanitizer spray consisting of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water to be distributed to all visitors, patients, and staff members. With a very low monthly budget of $1.60 to be spent on cleaning supplies, this hand sanitizer is effective and budget-friendly.

To prevent the spread of diseases, all staff members will be required to wash their hands before and after caring for a patient. This will avert cross-contamination from patient to patient.

Our year-end goal is to raise enough money to provide the hospital with disposable mop heads. Disposable mops will reduce cross-contamination between rooms. They can be thrown out after each use and replaced with a new attachable head.