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SR. Scientist at NASA--Brian N Wenny

Department of Defense, Deputy for Enterprise Management--Bill Stefan

Director of Talent Acquisition, Dartmouth College--Ahmed Mohammed

Commander at 452 Airlift Control Flight, US Air Force--Rick Kuehn

Senior Vice President at Citigroup--Wike Kaiser

Vice President of Government Relations for Sysco--Chip Kunde

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Disney Land

Citi Bank

Johnson and Johnson


Sysco Systems

The International Youth Foundation

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Exxon Mobil

Booz Allen Hamilton





Georgetown University

The United States Pentagon

Current & Former Members of The US State Department

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International Business Internship Program

Leadership Initiatives’ International Business Internship Program (IBIP) is a two-year program that partners motivated high school students with community leaders from across the globe. This partnership creates an opportunity for students to create solutions for real-world problems facing communities in developing nations. IBIP develops the leadership capacity of hundreds of high school students throughout the United States and the globe, creating a new generation of critical thinkers with a depth of experience in international development. Students create solutions to help address local development issues and in turn solve real-world business, medical, and legal problems facing others.

Grades: 9-12

Benefits: International Development Experience, Free ACT/SAT Training, Scholarship Assistance, Mentors, College Application Assistance And More

An Unparalleled Educational Experience

0 High Schools Partnering with Businesses Across the Globe
0 Students Participating in the Program
0 Businesses Created
0 Student Business Solutions Implemented
0 Lives Changed

About The International Business Internship Program

A Life-Changing Experience

For more than 15 years, Leadership Initiatives (LI) has operated on the same principle: you are never too young to change the world. The International Business Internship Program exemplifies that claim like no other. The International Business Internship Program (IBIP) creates a professional partnership between US high school students and LI business leaders from around the world. This partnership is created to help stimulate, develop and strengthen global communities through the practices of business, medicine and law.

Over the course of two years, students will have a internship with a business from the LI’s current area of focus, Northern, Nigeria. They will work weekly to address issues that their partner faces in their everyday practices, benefiting not only the business partner, but also the entire community. Students will complete practical research for each solution, and help their partner implement the findings into their regular routine. In the past students have created a various number of solutions, ranging from new advertising plans and accounting systems to market-specific technical solutions.The solutions that these students create every day are helping to shape the developing world and change the lives of many along the way

Transform The World Today!

IBIP teams work closely not only with their business partners but also with our LI staff, who guide the students through the solution creation process and ensure that students are getting all the benefits of the program. These benefits include:

  • Real-World Internship Experience
  • Free SAT and ACT training with TestRocker
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Three College Application Essays Professionally Edited
  • Mentors from Any Field of Work
  • College Application Assistance
  • Access to Accurate College Probabilities
  • Scholarship Advice and Assistance
  • Networking with Past IBIP Students
  • Community Service Hours
  • $1000 Scholarship to ANY LI Youth Development Program
  • Eligibility for Future Internships

If you would like more detailed information on all of our student benefits please click here

Choose Your Area Of Focus And Business Partner

2019 International Business Internship Program Application Calendar

*Grades 9th-12th

Summer RecruitmentPartnerships TBDApplications Due August 19thRegistration Still Available
Spring RecruitmentPartnerships TBDApplications Due April 15thRegistration Still Available
September Recruitment10 Partnerships AvailableApplications Due September 28thRegistration Still Available
October Recruitment8 Partnerships AvailableApplication Due October 31stRegistration Still Available
November Recruitment6 Partnerships AvailableApplications Due November 30thRegistration Still Available

Partnership High Schools & Programs From Around The World

Unite With Hundreds Of Students Transforming Lives Today!

California- California Academy of Mathematics and Science, Los Alamitos High School, Mira Costa High School, Palm Desert High School, Pilibos Armenian SchoolRio Mesa High School

Colorado- Glenwood Springs High School

Connecticut- Ridgefield High School

Washinton, DC- Ella’s Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Gonzaga College High School, Grace’s Georgetown Visitation Preparatory SchoolIsa’s Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Jordan’s Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Nicole’s Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, St. John’s High School, Yada’s Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School

Florida-  Bella’s Bishop Moore Catholic High School, St. Thomas Aquinas, Ignacio’s Bishop Moore Catholic High SchoolStephanie’s Bishop Moore, West Broward High School, Western High School

Illinois- David’s St. Laurence High SchoolMaine West High School, Mike’s St. Laurence High School,

Maryland- Anne’s Connelly School of the Holy ChildBelane’s Academy of the Holy CrossCamara’s Elizabeth Seton HighschoolChurchill High SchoolDaniella’s Academy of the Holy CrossEli’s Clarksburg High SchoolFiona’s Academy of the Holy CrossIngry’s Elizabeth Seton High SchoolLora’s Northwest High SchoolMaryjane’s Connelly School of the Holy ChildNeal’s Northwest High SchoolRashika’s Northwest High SchoolSyona’s Clarksburg High SchoolTyler’s Elizabeth Seton High SchoolGarrison Forest SchoolSandy Spring Friends School, Thomas S. Wootton High SchoolWinston Churchill High School

Michigan- Aidan’s Lake Orion High SchoolLady’s Lake Orion High School, Rochester High School

Missouri- Truman High School

Minnesota- Jade’s Winona Senior High School, Skye’s Winona Senior High School

Nevada- Advanced Technologies Academy, Faith Lutheran High School, Palo Verde High School

New Jersey- Glen Ridge High SchoolPassaic County Technical Institute

New York- Half Hollow Hills High School East, Onondaga JR/SR High School

North Carolina-  Ardrey Kell High School, Avani’s Enloe Magnet High School, Cameron’s Greensboro Day School, North Mecklenburg High School, Olivia’s Enloe High School, Panther Creek High School, The Early College at Guilford, Udai’s Enloe High School

Ohio- Olentangy Liberty High School, The Miami Valley SchoolWalnut Hills High School

Pennsylvania- Greensburg-Salem High School

Puerto Rico– Colegio San Agustin

Rhode Island- Providence Country Day

Texas- Boerne-Samuel V. Champion, Clear Springs High SchoolLamar AcademySt. Augustine High SchoolStony Point High SchoolWhitehouse

Virginia- James Madison High SchoolLake Braddock Secondary SchoolRhea’s Chantilly High SchoolRobert E. Lee High SchoolSaint Gertrude High SchoolWakefield High SchoolWashington-Lee High SchoolYifan’s Chantilly High School

Washington- Alexa’s Roosevelt High SchoolCalvin’s Roosevelt High SchoolCatie’s Roosevelt High School, Colton High School, Lake Washington High School, Tillie’s Roosevelt High School

West Java, Indonesia- Bandung Alliance Intercultural School

Follow Up- Chadwick High School

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Global Giving
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International Youth Foundation
University Connection
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Starbucks Foundation